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promotion and dissemination of human rights

The ideaborn Foundation specifies its actions through consultancies, evaluations, analysis, preparation and execution of training courses. Likewise, the ideaborn Foundation assists in the formulation and implementation of projects.

It works permanently through dialogue, accompaniment and collaboration with organizations of civil society, victims, national and local institutions and private companies.

Our main allies son: the consulting company ideaborn SL, the US congregation America’s Juvenil Violence Prevention and Access to Justice Fund-Fondo Recuerda, and the Global Citizenship Education Fund.

Actions to support local organisations
      • The strengthening of systems of dialogue and conciliation that facilitate the identification of problems that lead to situations of social tension and the participatory search for solutions (transformative justice);
      • The search for synergies between alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and ordinary justice with a view to providing quality justice, with special attention to the population vulnerable. An offer whereby conflict prevention, restorative justice and retribution are coordinated and complemented with a view to providing quality justice, with special attention to the population vulnerable.
      • Support to the vulnerable population in the knowledge of their rights, the obligations of the State towards them and of them towards society (rights training);
      • Support to the vulnerable population in the process of access to truth, justice and compensation in the event that they have suffered a violation of their fundamental rights (exercise of rights);
    Study and direct advice
    • The conception and implementation of public policies that allow for public and private collaboration in the development of actions that prevent social alienation, exclusion and crime;
    • Evaluation of detention systems and alternative systems to loss of liberty;
    • Analysis of international cooperation in the justice sector

    The conception and execution of training courses
    • Development, dissemination, analysis and study of projects and body of international laws and conventions that frame the development and promotion of human rights, international humanitarian law, conflict prevention and good governance;
    Training in the management of projects
    • Training in the management of projects in general and in particular those related to strengthening the supply and demand of justice and strengthening the capability of local organisations in both the public and private sectors for the prevention-solution of conflicts.